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We are an International company that has developed the process of porcelain enameled steel, achieving a high quality product since 1951.

Very good service, professional, and products of excellent quality. They deliver what they promise.
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Who We Are

Everlasting Performance & Beauty

Since 1951, we have crafted partitions, doors, whiteboards, claddings, and more for the architectural and construction industry. This journey has established us as a highly recognized company in Mexico and worldwide, all thanks to the exceptional qualities of our porcelanized steel.
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Our Company

Our work is our reputation, and we protect it with every project we do

Porcewol by Alfher® is a corporate group that has achieved great success in the development of the porcelain enamel steel process since 1951.

Excellence in the design, manufacturing and installation has led to top-quality innovative products that have important architectural projects around the world.

Porcewol by Alfher® is a company with a strong domestic and international presence; it is a member of the Porcelain Enamel Institute and meets all specifications and standards set forth by this organization.

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Elevate your commercial space with Porcewol. Our porcelanized steel products are perfect for offices, restaurants, retail, and more. Stylish, durable, and antibacterial, they're designed to meet your needs.


Elevate your home with Porcewol. Our porcelanized steel products bring style and durability to residential spaces, from doors to whiteboards.


Enhance hospitality spaces with Porcewol. Our stylish, durable porcelanized steel products, including doors and partitions, elevate guest experiences.


Explore Porcewol's multipurpose solutions. Customizable and durable, our products adapt to your needs, adding style and functionality to your spaces.

Our Services

Discover our complete range of services.
From elegant doors to versatile whiteboards,
explore Porcewol's diverse porcelanized steel products
and elevate your spaces.

Architectural Cladding

Elevate your architectural projects with our versatile architectural cladding solutions. From sleek modern designs to timeless classics, our cladding enhances both aesthetics and protection for your structures


Our columns add elegance and structural support to your architectural designs. Explore a variety of styles and materials to complement and elevate your building's aesthetic.

Louvers & Multi-Perforated Panels

Discover our Louvers and Multi-Perforated Panels, designed for both form and function. These versatile solutions provide ventilation, privacy, and a touch of modern design to your spaces.

Ceiling Panels

Transform your overhead spaces with our Ceiling Panels. These customizable solutions offer both aesthetic appeal and acoustic performance, enhancing the functionality and design of any room.

Composite Panel Systems

Explore our Composite Panel Systems, engineered for superior strength and versatility. These panels combine durability and design, making them ideal for a wide range of architectural applications.

Partitions & Doors

Discover our range of partitions and doors, designed to define and enhance your interior spaces. These versatile solutions offer privacy, style, and functionality for various settings.

Writing Surfaces

Explore our selection of writing surfaces, including whiteboards and more. These versatile and durable surfaces are designed for creativity, communication, and organization in various settings.

Signage & Art

Experience the fusion of functionality and aesthetics with our Signage & Art solutions. From informative signage to stunning art pieces, our designs make a statement in any space.

Operating Room

Discover our specialized solutions for operating rooms. Engineered for cleanliness, safety, and efficiency, our products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of healthcare environments.


Elevate your spaces with our customizable furniture solutions. From modern designs to timeless classics, our furniture combines style and functionality for both residential and commercial settings.

We are trusted by 4,000+ world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

Our track record speaks volumes. With a strong history of trust, we’ve earned the confidence of over 4,000 world-class brands and organizations, spanning all sizes and industries. Join our trusted community and experience the excellence of Porcewol.

Our Latest Projects

Construction makes dreams happen

Explore our recent portfolio of projects, showcasing our dedication to excellence in design and innovation. These projects reflect our commitment to delivering quality solutions that elevate spaces and exceed expectations.

Perpustakaan Nasional Jakarta

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Silver Grid Office

Office Building

The Phiramada

Art Center

Black Badoo Gym

Sport Center

Thinkpod Stadium

Sport Center


What Our Client Say

Discover the experiences and feedback of our valued clients. Their testimonials provide insight into the quality, reliability, and satisfaction that define our products and services.

Powerful straight forward solutions for your construction needs

We offer robust and uncomplicated solutions, leveraging the strength of porcelanized steel, tailored to meet your construction requirements. Our commitment to simplicity and effectiveness ensures that your projects, fortified by porcelanized steel, are streamlined and successful.

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Are you prepared for your next project? Let us equip you with the strength and versatility of porcelanized steel solutions. Discover how Porcewol can be your partner in creating successful and enduring projects.